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Honda CBR 1000 RR-R Fireblade 2020 race fairing installation tips (carbon or avio fibre) – video & detailed photos

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Is changing the fairings complicated? No, but there’s still important to follow some guidelines.

If you’re a racer, then you most probably have some experience with maintaining, fixing or at least preparing your bike for the track and that’s why we believe most of you can do the installation without taking your bike to the mechanic workshop. But still there’s a few hints that can help you save some grey hair. Let’s take a look on transformation of production Honda CBR 1000 RR-R Fireblade into a complete Carbonin carbon fibre race kit.

  1. When attaching the front and lower parts, it’s important to do it the following order: FIRST you attach the lower fairing, THEN the left and right side pannel and FINALLY the upper race fairing (the mask).
  2. When attaching the lower fairing, first you just put in the bolts on both sides gently, then you fix the bolt on the right side and attach side panels and upper fairing. When all the parts are in their place adjust the position of the bracket on the low left side (next to the gearbox shift lever). When you have a feeling that holes are on their exact place, you finally tighten the bracket screw. It’s important not to force the parts; trust us, we put in a lot of effort to make them fit exactly where they should.
The low left bracket screws are the last one to be tightened.
  1. If you’re transforming your bike into a real superbike machine and therefore you’ve decided to put on Carbonin short aluminium subframe, make sure you put the seat brackets in a way that the bolts are on the outer side of the part. Chances to do it right are 50-50, but if you do it wrong, the single race seat won’t fit.
The bolts must be on the outer side of the subframe.
  1. For the fixation of the airbox cover with side pannels you’ll need to attach additional two brackets. Pay attention to keep the lower side paralel with the level of the original subframe.
Positioning the brackets for the airbox cover with side panels.
  1. To make sure not to loose any bolts and, on the other side, to be on the safe side with the tightening torque, we suggest to put a drop (only a small drop!) of Loctite 243 on each bolt.
Use Loctite 243 to secure the bolts.

As all our parts come with predrilled holes and preinstalled DZUS fasteners, you won’t need to do any drilling and searching your magic screw box for the right bolts and nuts and washers.

We hope these short instructions will help you to enjoy your time in the garage. If there are still some questions, contact us or your local Carbonin importer for more information.

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