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Welcome to Karbonin, the manufacturer of Carbonin brand products. We are an innovative, family-owned company based in Slovenia, Europe, specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of strong and lightweight fiber composite products and solutions.

Peter Kuduz, owner of Carbonin


The Carbonin story started in the late 1990s, when founder Peter Kuduz, a passionate motorcycle racer addicted to speed and committed to perfection, could not find parts for his motorcycle that would meet his standards – strong, light, and simple to install.

Peter started making his own racing parts. He tested them on racetracks, and soon the word was out that Peter was the go-to guy for quality, light & strong, out-of-the-box motorcycle racing parts which fit every time while being super easy to install.

Today, the Karbonin company’s Carbonin brand is best known and recognized by professional motorcycle racing teams as a reliable producer of innovative, easy-to-use, and top-quality carbon and avio fiber parts. Peter’s passion for speed, winning, and innovation is still leading the way.

Carbonin products are available in over 50 countries, and we develop them in partnership with the world’s best racing teams. You can witness Carbonin parts competing and winning in FIM World Superbike, World Endurance, 300 Supersport, AMA Moto America, and more.

BMW motorradWSBK Team, France 2020
BMW, Barcelona

Innovative lightweight fiber composite solutions of tomorrow

Carbonin became a world-recognized brand for high-quality carbon fiber racing parts. Today, we are taking this know-how and applying it to many other areas that need innovative, strong, and lightweight solutions, including automotive series, sports, and industrial applications.


We are always looking for new partners who share our vision of being the best, never compromising on quality, and leading the way in their business. How can we help you?

For our partners, we are always looking for new technologies and processes to create fiber composite solutions that are:

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