Continuous innovation is essential

Our entire portfolio developed from a passion for motorcycle racing. Being fast in this industry is essential in more ways than one. Really listening to our customers’ needs and helping them be faster on the racetracks demands continuous monitoring of new trends, technologies, and processes, as well as internal research, testing, and development of our own technologies and processes.

Innovative out-of-the box system

Innovative out-of-the-box installation system

We are proud to have developed an innovative out-of-the-box installation system that allows fast and easy installation of Carbonin fairings. We took away all the tedious hassle involved in drilling holes, installing the right bolts, cutting the parts, and bending the original holders to fit.

With this innovation, fitting new race fairings became as simple as installing an app on a smartphone.

With this innovation, fitting new race fairings became as simple as installing an app on a smartphone.

Carbonin Team working on new Carbon fiber part

Perfect fit every time

A thorough understanding of product and market requirements together with comprehensive product design (including several iterations of the final mold) is the proven path to high-quality products that fit perfectly every time. It doesn’t matter if they were produced today, last month, or last year. They fit! 

Best quality possible for carbon products

Fast adoption of new technologies & processes

To be fast and efficient demands a constant re-evaluation of existing technologies and processes along with the research, testing, and adoption of new ones. If a new technology can help us be faster and/or more efficient, we’ll give it a try!

We were among the first companies to incorporate 3D scanning in the design phase and 3D printing in the mold and prototype production phases, and both methods shortened development times considerably.

Where imagination meets reality

If you have, or are developing, new technologies or processes that you believe could become the new thing in composites manufacturing or you have the vision to develop something completely new from fiber composite materials and you need a team of experienced specialists to work on the idea with you, helping with the research, design, prototyping, testing, or production.

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