Product Designing

Creating a visual representation of the product that best meets user needs and business goals

The manufacture of high-quality fiber composite products begins with a thorough understanding of your requirements – your end-users’ needs and wants, your market specifics, and the business goals you’re pursuing in terms of performance, function, quality, costs and productivity.

Our experienced product development, research, and invention team members will combine creativity with precision engineering to develop the best solution for you, whether for a single prototype or a production run of thousands of parts.

Design development can be done in three ways.
We can start with:

Your idea

for the product, and our industrial designers will turn it into the digital designs needed for production from carbon composite.

Your original product,

made from carbon or any other material. Our designer will use your existing three-dimensional computer-aided design of the product (if you have it), and/or we will use reverse engineering using 3D scanners to create designs and optimize them for production from carbon or other fiber composite materials.

Your existing three-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD),

which our design team will optimize for production from carbon or other fiber composite materials.

The end-product of this first phase is three-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD) data of your product optimized for production from carbon fiber composites.

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