Mold Production

Perfect products only come from
flawless molds

Mold production Carbon fiber products

A series of validation stages toward the creation of a mold is a must for a high-quality end-product.  

We produce molds from wax, foam, wood, plastic, epoxy block, polyurethan block, aluminum, or metal via CNC machining or handcrafting, and some we 3D print.

The selection of mold material, especially in the prototyping phase, depends on the size of the product, its shape, the labor required, the lead time needed for mold fabrication, and the cost-effectiveness of the chosen material.

The goal for mold production is to select a cost-effective material that will allow quick design iteration and parts customization. We aim to shorten the mold production time while expanding design flexibility.

The final validation of composite molds is done by producing test products from them that are assembled with other molded products and other construction parts as a finished product to verify whether the product performs as designed. 

For example, we install test motorcycle race fairings on the original motorcycle they were created for and check that everything fits perfectly, can be easily assembled, and if all the holes are in the right places. Then we send them to our racing team partners to test them on the track.

Confirmation of a test product is the last validation stage before production for the market.

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