Team Yamaha Norway

Carbonin is very proud to be a partner of Team Yamaha Norway.

The 2109 Norwegian Superbike Championship ended with a gold medal, laurel wreath and the King´s Cup for the Yamaha rider Carl Berthelsen (44). The veteran rider from Kristiansand, who has been a Roadracing rider since 2002, missed the King´s Cup by a very narrow margin both in 2007 and 2013. Therefore, the victory is most welcome.

Before the two last Superbike races at Rudskogen on the 6th and 7th September, Carl lead with 13 points against Norvald Haaland and 24 points against Marius Ripel Jensen. It was still uncertain who would be the 2019 Norwegian champion.

In the Friday race, Carl had a good start and advanced quickly from 8th to 4th position. In the 6th round, he was riding behind Norvald Haaland. The latter crashed heavily and was brought to hospital by helicopter. There was a red flag and lots of waiting, and at last the riders themselves decided that there would not be a restart, but only five counting rounds. Stig Flemming Jensen won the race, Carl was no. 2, and Geir Ove Flåten no. 3.

Before the final race of the season, Carl lead with 33 points against Norvald Haaland, who was prevented to rice due to the injuries. The distance to Marius Ripel Jensen was increased to 44 points. Carl only needed to qualify to become the champion. The race track was rainy and slippery due to rubber from car races, and he would not take any chances. He rode safely and ended as no. 4. Marius Ripel Jensen won the race, Henning Flathaug was no. 2, and Stig Flemming Jensen was no. 3.

Marius Ripel Jensen ended as no. 2, and Henning Flathaug was no. 3 in this year´s Superbike Championship. Carl Berthelsen feels sorry for Norvald Haaland, as the two veteran riders should have fighted to the end. He hopes that Norvald will get well soon.

This season has been dominated by tactics since the King´s Cup has been the main goal. Carl knows the competitors well and has ridden in a smart way. He has only given full throttle when necessary. Carl and his team have been well prepared this season, and this is one of the reasons behind the success. The Yamaha bike has been excellent in every way.

Carl will also ride the last race in the Open German Championship IDM on Hockenheimring the last weekend in September (idm.de).