Carbonin is a first class producer with a worldwide distribution of very high quality motorcycle fairings from Carbon fibre and Avio fibre. Products which are under constant tests by successful racing teams in WSBK, IDM, British SBK and Endurance World Championship. Company strengths are quality of the products which guarantee simple and fast installation of fairings, development of new products for the needs of individual teams, the delivery time and the quick production of parts for new models.
The Carbonin product range includes:

  • Carbon fibre products
  • Avio fibre products
  • Personalised decal design service for fairings
  • Customised and personalised design for seat foam units

Carbonin BUSINESS CONCEPT is to:

offer motorcycle racing teams, motorcycle parts dealers and fans lightweight, durable and perfect fitting aftermarket motorcycle fairings and accessories with paint base coat and decal design.

Carbonin‘s CORE VALUES are:

  • quality,
  • simplicity,
  • partnership,
  • learning.

Carbonin‘s GLOBAL SALES STRATEGY (two main questions):

1. What Carbonin can do for dealers (key points):

  • supply premium quality, perfect fitting fairings and accessories,
  • full technical support and sharing all the experiences Carbonin has,
  • provide technical and production processes details,
  • organise regular meetings of all Carbonin exclusive dealers and share ideas,
  • give exclusive dealership rights for certain country/region,
  • E-ordering system, instant stock availability access, EAN code marking,
  • promotion of exclusive dealers via web page, social media, direct contacts…,
  • provide catalogues, flyers…,
  • full cooperation with solving potential reclamations.

2. What Carbonin espects from dealers(key points):

  • passion and involvement into motorcycle racing sports and business,
  • understanding and internalising Carbonin‘s business concept, vision and core values,
  • sales/marketing plan,
  • work with teams, local distributors of motorcycle parts and fans,
  • constant marketing activities to promote and grow brand Carbonin,
  • growth in terms of sales volume,
  • investment in local stock and promotional stands,
  • not selling any other brand of fairings or accessories,
  • not selling out of agreed country/region, but forwarding potential clients to local dealer.

Contact and company details

Medno 80
1210 Ljubljana – Šentvid

Tel.: +386 1 512 21 42
Mobile: +386 41 681 899