Medno 80
1210 Ljubljana – Ĺ entvid

E-Mail: info@carbonin.com
Tel.: 00386 1 512 21 42
Fax: 00386 1 512 55 20
Mobile: 00386 41 681 899

Carbonin is able to supply a first class production and a worldwide distribution of very high quality products which have been tested by successful racing teams in WSBK, IDM, British SBK and Endurance World Championship.

jaroslav cerny

The Carbonin product range includes:

- Carbon fibre products

- Fibre glass (FG) products

- Avio fibre products

- Personalised logo and label design service for fairings

R-1 upper fairing

Company strengths are quality of the products which guarantee simple and fast installation of fairings, development of new products for the needs of individual teams, the delivery time and the quick production of parts for new models.

R1 complete fairing

Carbonin is very interested to work with distributors and dealers who already have a good reputation and client base and are looking to expand their product range by offering high quality carbon fibre, avio fibre and fibre glass motorcycle parts. By combining own quality products with knowledge of motorsport spirit and racing demands Carbonin is looking forward to develop new business collaborations.


R1 complete fairing 2